Our ability to question the landscape has evolved.

In this context, we recognize our customers’ pressing need to utilize location-based data in evolving industries. We advance your technologies to bring location-based intelligence to the core of your enterprise.

Prescient is an R&D lab focused on Earth observation technologies that partners with external organizations.

Enabling organizations to utilize location-based data in their technologies

Prescient.earth is a research and development lab run by Sparkgeo. We partner with organizations to help them build technologies that are dependent on dynamic location-based data.

◉ Run simulations to ask ‘what if’ questions like “if there’s precipitation in excess of 33mm over the next 3 days, what is the likelihood that our properties flood?”

◉ Add geospatial context to applications and add location-based awareness to your technology stack.

◉ Analyze your assets’ exposure to climate risk and build accurate models, at scale.

What about partnership opportunities

Our partners use prescient.earth to get location-based intelligence into their technologies and effectively integrate all of their internal data sources as well as third-party data sources, and earth observation data to bring location-based intelligence to their operations.

Connect users across an enterprise and provide access to, and the ability to transform, petabyte-scale data from remote sensors or IoT devices, as well as third-party sources and internal datasets.

Enable users of all technical abilities to get access to live enterprise-wide data, earth observation tools for custom subject matters, custom APIs for developers, and geospatial enabled big data exploration.

Leverage the power of location, configured to your needs

-1 / Ingest

Tap into a multitude of data sources, both internal and external, using powerful and scalable data pipelines.

-2 / Analysis + Modelling

Enabling analysis through chain simulation engines to make recommendations and reveal the immediate and long term consequences of decisions.

-3 / Agnostic Deployment

End-to-end optimization and security, designed to let users create a complete analysis on demand, and allow for a common operating picture in each business group.

Get started with prescient.earth

prescient.earth meets you where you are, connecting with and enhancing your existing systems.